22 Things That You Truly Do Not Have To Do After Age 22

Thought Catalog

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1. Make your bed

You have too many things on your plate. Paying rent, bills, meeting up with friends. Just roll out of bed and get on with your life. You can make your bed another day (at least, that’s what you tell yourself).

2. Say yes

When you’re in your 20s, the most beautiful feeling is that anything is possible. But the worst feeling, as we all know, is the fear of missing out, the ugly FOMO monster living under your (unmade) bed. The truth is that saying no will just guide you to the things you want the most. “Yes” can actually be the most limiting word in the English language.

3. Keep up with ‘friends’

You know all of those “friends” you made during college? You know, when you were in the Graduates Of 2007 Facebook group? You will (probably) never ever talk to…

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