How I Went From Basic To Bad Bitch In 30 Days

Thought Catalog

Shutterstock / Thai SorianoShutterstock / Thai Soriano

In the past I’ve taken pride in my basic-ness. That was until a relative told me I sounded like a Valley Girl, and I realized change was necessary. After much thought, I decided my true calling is to be a bad bitch. I opted to spend 30 days attempting to meet this goal. The following chronicles my journey.

Wednesday, October 15

I know this isn’t going to be simple. Let’s face it – I’ve been basic since before I knew what basic was (e.g., I insisted my mom bring me to get the “Rachel haircut” in 1995; quite a ridiculous request for a 9 year old). However, I’m fully committed to making this happen. By Thanksgiving, no one will even be able to recognize me.

Thursday, October 16

There’s this jerky guy I thought was my soulmate, but according to my research, bad bitches don’t…

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